A lounge bar in Lille for all your outings

There is no shortage of good places to go out, have a drink or party in Lille. But it is not so easy to find the elegance of a historical building, the menu of a renowned establishment and an uninterrupted musical atmosphere. This dream address of a lounge bar in Lille is the Hermitage within the Hermitage Gantois hotel.

A bar in downtown Lille

The Hermitage Gantois is now a 5 star hotel, a luxury establishment that welcomes guests from all over the world since the early 2000s. But before that, and since the 15th century, the Hermitage Gantois was a hospice. The premises have preserved many traces of the various eras of this listed building in Old Lille. And this already explains the marked personality of this lounge bar in Lille. Surrounded by the building, the space gives the feeling of an inner courtyard while being sheltered by a monumental glass roof. The contemporary furniture and lighting enhance each element of this bar, making it the central place of a hotel that does not lack to impress its clientele, even those already accustomed to 5 stars so much this hotel for to have a drink in Lille is exceptional.

A bar in Lille center for every hour of the day

A coffee in the morning to start the day, a digestive, tea-time, an aperitif with friends, or a last drink before going home, there are only good excuses to go to this lounge bar in Lille if you are not already a customer of the Hermitage Gantois. The menu changes with the hours, but what doesn't change is the musical atmosphere. Between jazz and pop, between piano and violin, you will let slip in the hollow of your ear this background music which will perfect the atmosphere of this exceptional bar.

This bar in downtown Lille is finally a good reflection of the establishment itself. An elegant atmosphere and immersed in the history of the place, regular attentions such as live music or the retransmission of sports events, we find in this bar a very special atmosphere. The bar has the same charm and character as the rooms and suites of one of the most famous hotels in the capital of Flanders.

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