L'Estaminet Gantois, the Flemish brasserie in Lille par excellence

When you choose a 5-star hotel for your stay, it is because you want to live a total experience. In addition to the room, the services must also be up to the prestige of the place. And with its Flemish brasserie in Lille, the Hermitage Gantois offers the best of northern cuisine in an exceptional setting.


A Flemish brasserie to continue to travel


A Flemish brasserie in Lille is obviously the ideal place to find all the culture of the region in your plate. And for this, the Estaminet Gantois, the brasserie in the center of Lille, located in l'Hermitage Gantois is the ideal solution. The menu includes classic dishes from the bistro culture, but revisited as only a Flemish brasserie can do. Thus, there is a question of croque-monsieur, but with tomme d'Arras. It's a question of beef tartar, but with a smoked herring cream. For a quick lunch, for a dinner as a couple or with the family around a local specialty, the address is already chosen. And a Flemish brewery wouldn't be a brewery without its beer list, most of which is local and particularly appreciated.


A brasserie in the center of Lille, a beautiful address


The Estaminet Gantois is the Flemish brasserie in Lille located in the Hermitage Gantois. But it does not exist only through the 5 stars hotel, the brasserie has its own reputation. It owes it to its menu but also to the superb environment. A huge room, several meters high, stone walls that harmonize with a more contemporary architecture, the comfort of quality armchairs, an exceptional luminosity, one is more than charmed when entering the place. They are completely in keeping with the prestige of the hotel. This is why this typical Flanders brasserie is also available for privatization for groups, especially during seminar days in or around the hotel. The Estaminet Gantois can accommodate up to a hundred people in a reserved room that matches the charm of the rest of the hotel. Finally, in addition to the Flemish brasserie, you can enjoy the Hermitage bar where, from morning to late night, you can have a drink in a live musical atmosphere that is always appreciated.

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