Drinking in Lille, why look for another address than the Hermitage Gantois?

In a city that loves to party and where the sense of hospitality is proverbial, it is easy to find where to have a drink in Lille. But at the Hermitage Gantois, it's more than a successful menu, it's the whole DNA of the place that is found in the hotel bar.

Bar l'Hermitage for a drink in the center of Lille

From early morning to late night, the address of l'Hermitage Gantois is well known to those who come looking for an atmosphere and a menu. The atmosphere is the live presence that allows you to meet at any time in a relaxing atmosphere to the sound of the piano, singing, violin or harp. Having a drink in Lille at the Hermitage Gantois hotel is an experience that you will love to repeat. The menu will also seduce you. Champagne from the great houses, classic cocktails from the repertoire or Signature l'Hermitage, beers from the region, including an exclusive to the Hotel la Gantoise, there is enough to make you want to come back regularly for a drink in the center of Lille. And if you're more into tea than champagne, there's also a special tea time menu to meet all your expectations.

An unforgettable hotel bar in the center of Lille

To have a drink in the center of Lille, there is this bar with the elegance inspired by the whole hotel and its prestigious history. There is also this Flemish brasserie in Lille, the Estaminet Gantois, where you will come to eat lunch or dinner in a magnificent room with contemporary furniture and multi-secular walls. This 5 star hotel in Lille center as well as its brasserie, are above all a story of welcome. For 5 centuries, hospitality has been at the heart of everything since the place was a hospice before becoming a luxury hotel for a family weekend in the early 2000s. So obviously, we are received with honors to have a drink in Lille at the Hermitage Gantois. One comes to look for the regional beers that one cannot discover in the rest of France or these cocktails as only the great hotel bars can propose.

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